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HUSTLE - Shooting begins in 2014
Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller
Synopsis: In order to pay back a mob boss they've stolen from, an ingenious crew of multi-ethnic London con artists are forced to go to Paris to secretly infiltrate the organization of their French rival and steal a computer program that assures criminal dominance to those who possess it. But soon no one can be trusted as agendas shift, allegiances slide, and their very identities come into question.
Director/Writer: Jon Amiel
Producers: Craig Perry, Tom Butterfield, Sheila Hanahan, Brian White
Cast: TBA
Genre: Action/Romance/Comedy
Synopsis: A former Police Detective finds his life in danger when he witnesses a crime committed by a pair of rogue FBI agents. Running for his life, he hides out in a church back in a small town posing as a seventy year old pastor.
Director: Gary Hardwick
Producers: Mark Morgan, Michael Becker, Brian White
Cast: Brian White
Co-Production: M3 & Imprint Entertainment
Genre: Music/Crime/Drama/Romance
Synopsis: A modern day Shakespearean tragedy unfolds in this story about a musical prodigy who becomes entangled in a feud between two lifelong friends.
Director: TBA
Producers: Adam Stone, Columbus Short, Brian White
Executive Producer: Cathy Schulman, Sylvain White
Cast: Columbus Short, Thomas Kretschmann, Brian White
Score/Soundtrack: Dallas Austin
Co-Production: M3 & Mandalay Pictures
Press: Vanity.com - Trunk' up for thesp
Genre: Based On True Story/Drama/Thriller
Synopsis: Inspired by writer, Allen Sowelle's real life events as an ex-substance abuser turned substance abuse counselor and youth advocate, "Slipping into Darkness" is a poignant, yet hopeful and inspiring cautionary tale that sometimes we must fall into the darkness to finally find the light. 
Director: Sunu Gonera
Producers: Mike Jackson, Brian White
Cast: Paz Vega, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Zoe Saldana, Evan Ross, Brian White
Genre: Thriller/Black Comedy/Drama

Desperately trying to avoid mediocrity on a college campus, brash freshman, Jimmy Whitmore enters a world of gambling, crime, and deception.

Jimmy’s fantasies of a wild college life have yet to materialize. Weren’t these next 4 years of freedom supposed to be like Animal House? What ever happened to the parties, the girls, the drinking? No one ever prepared Jimmy for dorm life, boring lectures, and working three crappy jobs to afford tuition.

Things are looking bleak for Jimmy until he crosses paths with seniors, Dan and Alicia; the biggest sports bookies on campus. With his quick wit and math wizardry, Jimmy is a perfect fit to join their operation. Before he knows it, Jimmy is rolling in fast money, fast girls, and a dangerous lifestyle. Now the big man on campus, he has everyone from the frat boys to the University’s most well respected professors laying down weekly bets.

Director: TBD
Producers: Carsten Lorenz, Nate Smith, Brian White
Cast: Chris Brown, Brian White
Genre: Sports/Comedy/Romance
Synopsis: The story of Israel “ICE” Gaines, an “African American” hockey player – who’s actually Canadian, and how he “blings” out the NHL. Along the way he nearly loses everything and he finally learns that all the fame and fortune means nothing, without the people you love to share it with.
Director: TBA
Producers: Joseph A. Elmore, Jr., Eric J. Feig, Brian White
Cast: TBA

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