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Phunk Phenomenon Urban Dance Theater

The mission of Phunk Phenomenon Urban Dance Theater has always been to use the art of dance as a catalyst for youth outreach. Over the past decade, Phunk has visited over 200 private and public schools, performing and sharing the collective life experiences of Director, Reia Briggs-Connor and her ensemble on a variety of socially relevant topics including: the affects of drinking and driving, drug use, peer pressure, hazing and race relations.

ALC Showdown 2009 Phunk Phenomenon (YouTube.com)

ALC Showdown 2009 Lil Phunk (YouTube.com)

Through Phunk, Reia Briggs-Connor has combined her teaching degree with her knowledge of the Hip-Hop culture, to create a positive instrument for change and encouragement to the younger generations to thrive. Phunks impressive resume includes collaborations with: MTV, NBA, NFL, WNBA, Disney World, and performances with Britney Spears, TLC, Run DMC, No Doubt, Jessica Simpson and Alvin Ailey.

Today, Phunk Phenomenon has grown far above and beyond what co-creators Brian White and Reia Briggs-Connor ever imagined possible. The studio currently has 300 students and is home to the Boston Celtics Jr. Dancers, “LilPhunk” (ages 5-13). Reia Briggs-Connor and Brian White are also making plans to take Phunk Phenomenon to a national stage, by partnering with the charitable organization W.A.R.M 2 Kids (We are All Role Models).

Phunk Phenomenon Dance Company

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