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Brian White with Anna Cheshire Levitan

“The purpose of Black Carpenter is to create a tool box of essential life skills for the next generation. I had the great fortune of being born into a family with strong values who gave me the courage to follow my dreams and reach for the stars. My mother and father instilled in me a sense of purpose not defined by today’s street obsession with bling, cars or cribs. Black Carpenter is as much their message of hope, perseverance and achievement for young people, as it is mine.” - Brian White

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Boston's WCVB Channel 5 Interviews Brian on BC's Initiative


“The chapters in Black Carpenter are divided into tools, metaphors for life’s most important values, supported by personal anecdotes. Reading a chapter is opening the tool box of my life story. Lift out a hammer and see how choice affected me, mistakes made and lessons learned. Lift out a utility knife and read how overcoming fear taught me how to dance, ballet no less, which prepared me for a lead role in Stomp the Yard. Lift out a tape measure and meet the mentors in my life who pushed me to graduate an honor roll student from public high school and attend an Ivy League college. Most importantly, lift out any tool in these ensuing chapters and learn how to become your own Black Carpenter. “ - Brian White


  • Black Carpenter is a multi-platform youth development program that urges young people to “build their future.”
  • Black Carpenter is an empowerment brand with applications in print (book), speaking (tours), film (documentary), products and services (retail and financial), and on the internet (webisodes).
  • Black Carpenter’s mission is to illustrate and make available to kids essential “tools” for a successful professional, financial, and personal life.
  • Black Carpenter co-creators are Brian White and Anna Cheshire Levitan.
  • Black Carpenter is based on lessons learned as a youth that led Brian White to successes in sports, business, philanthropy, and entertainment. Brian White is an Ivy League graduate of Dartmouth College, a former NFL New England Patriots football player, a licensed stock broker, and an accomplished Film and TV actor.

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